Search Marketing

Our search marketing services, both organic and paid, help you gain clear insights into your audience’s way of thinking, so that you can best reach them and attract their eyes. These insights are both clear and powerful, and they will give you an understanding that will empower you to reach a new level of success as an author.

Organic Search Marketing

To grow as an author, you need to reach those who are already interested. Oragnic search does exactly this. Through our organic search process, we can optimize your site to capture the search traffic that you need to grow you audience and readership.

SEO Audit

The first thing we will do is audit your current site, if you have one. From this audit we will deliver a detailed audit with website recommendations.

Keyword Discovery

Once we know your new or old website inside and out, we will work to find the important keywords that will act as the foundation of any further SEO efforts. Deliverables will include a finalized list of keywords that will be evaluated on a monthly basis. These keywords will be meant to capture your audience and convert them to new readers.

On-Site Optimization

Whether it’s a new website that we have built or it’s a website you already have, now it’s time to get down to business and begin optimizing. Depending on the extent of optimization, we may decide to tackle the entire site at once, or use a phased approach over a period of a few months. Onsite optimization includes improving header title tags, alt tags, body content, meta titles and descriptions, etc.

Off-Site Optimization

Good content that is well optimized is great, but well optimized good content with lots of in-bound links is even better. After the site is optimized we will focus link building efforts on the local and global opportunities needed to make sure your author website is showing up for your audience in a highly relevant way. Positive link value translates to boosted search power and can help your site move up in the ranks.

User Experience Optimization

Once we have seen how search traffic responds to your website, we will begin to make recommendations on user-experience based on the data.

Paid Search Marketing

Our paid search services, focusing on Google Adwords’ PPC ads, are approached with a results-driven mindset backed by the research and reporting needed to make smart, immediate decisions to maximize your investment. We will develop the keyword list that best matches your targets, formulate and launch a highly-targeted campaign with content-optimized ads, and track the campaign as it matures so that we may make the informed decisions needed to improve performance and achieve SEM goals. We will focus our PPC efforts on the Google search platform due to its size, reach, effectiveness, and cost efficiency.