Our Social Media Marketing Services for Authors

We like to call our social media approach “awesomely simple.”

Awesome in the way we strategize and execute your social marketing campaign, yet simple in the way we break down the social media world and work with you and your unique needs to leverage its powers to accomplish your goals as an author.

Our social media marketing services can offer you a powerful new marketing channel. We can help you listen, engage and build your audience for a new level of success for both yourself and your work.

Social Media Strategy Development and Consultation

Social media is just like any other form of marketing – without a well-thought out strategy, you will not achieve the results you desire. We will do the research and analysis needed to develop a highly-effective, robust social media strategy. We will then work with you to develop realistic goals for audience growth, content amplification and viral engagement, and work with you to deploy tactics based on those goals.

Social Media Content Guidance and Management

Authors, like you, are a different breed from the rest of us. They are phenomenal writers and communicators. This makes social media the perfect environment for them to showcase their talents and share their passion.

While brands and companies often need content to be developed for them by professionals, authors do not. Authors need their true voice and writing style to shine. That’s why we do not suggest that we, as an agency, provide content to authors. We will, however, work with the author and guide them along the process of content creation. We consult them on what types of content work, and we work to manage the content for maximum social proliferation.

Online Community Management

We build engaged online communities that strengthen your personal brand and reputation. To best do this, we obsessively monitor your audience’s social activity, and adapt our strategy and tactics as your online community grows and matures. Without the ability to evolve and improve, social media campaigns will grow stagnant in both growth and performance.

Social Media Advertising

We leverage the powerful targeting capabilities of social media advertising to help you reach a strategically defined audience and grow your online fan base. We do this through effective audience insights, keyword research, creative ad copy, testing, and landing page utilization.

Social Media Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting

All social media campaigns need to be effectively measured and tracked so that you can understand everything going on around your social media efforts. If you’re putting in the time to write excellent content and engage with your fans, it only makes sense to gain insights in how you can improve your efforts. To do just this, we give you the information and recommendations needed to battle through the information overload so that you can make the informed and actionable decisions.