Web Design and Development for Authors

We believe that your website should communicate your personal characteristics and authorship style. We also believe that it should be user friendly and function correctly across all devices and screen sizes. That’s why we implement a website build with a two-phased approach. The first phase focuses on research, site architecture, and creative elements; while phase two is the design, build, and launch of the website.

Phase 1 Work

Website Project Assessment

To begin our work, we conduct research to inform the overall project plan of your new website. This research may include author interviews, publication review, competitive analysis, content audit, keyword research, and analytics review (when possible).

Information Architecture

Working off the foundation of our research, we work to generate a sitemap and hierarchy for your new website to show you how all the pieces fit together. We develop these deliverables based on user experience and site flow.

Website Design Structure

We will also create a structure of how your website’s homepage will look and feel. Once approved, these layout concepts will fuel the design and build phase of the website.

Phase 2 Work

Website Design and Development

Once we complete the first phase, we are now able to bring your website to life – a site that you’re already familiar with due to the previous phase’s structure and architecture deliverables. When we develop your website, we choose to build it on WordPress, an easy-to-use yet powerful content management system. While we still use HTML and CSS, WordPress allows us to implement powerful SEO plugins for optimal organic search performance, and it gives us an efficient platform for which to manage and update website content.

Mobile Optimization

Every site we build will be optimized for all mobile devices – both phones and tablets. This is critical in today’s mobile-driven world.

Quality Assurance

When we develop websites we follow a careful ongoing process to QA and ensure code is tested across browsers and devices.

Web Hosting and Domain Management

We also have the ability to host your website and manage your domain name for a small monthly fee, if needed.

Additional Notes


We can also offer you the option to integrate eCommerce functionality into your new website. This means we will implement the technology needed to allow your audience to seamlessly and safely buy your books directly from you and your website.